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Jr Board Advisor and CJLA Chairman: Heidi Beljean

Brian Dreyer - Steer Division (2017-2018)
Hi my name is Brian Dreyer, I am 16 years old and reside in Exeter, California. I will be a Junior at Exeter Union High School next year. My family has raised livestock for many years, and I have been showing for 7 years. In the last few years I have focused on showing steers and heifers at national, state, and at many CJLA sanctioned jackpot shows throughout the year. I look forward to serving CJLA on the junior board representing the steer division. CJLA has impacted me greatly and I believe that programs that recognize hard work and dedication, as CJLA does, keep youth motivated to continue to work with their livestock projects and in life. Having success in the show ring is great, but being recognized outside the ring is what really makes an impact on someone, or at least it has to me. My plans after high school are to attend Oklahoma State University to major in Ag Business and focus on Marketing. I hope to one day be able to raise quality show cattle for youth projects, and be able to give back to the industry that has taught me so much. 
Hailey Shepps - Lamb Division (2017-2018)
Hayden Allen - Heifer Division (2017-2018)
I represent the Heifer Division. I am 16 and currently a Junior at Mission Oak High School located in Tulare, California. I am an active member in Tulare FFA and 4H. I started showing heifers 8 years ago and bought my first steer 2 years later.I have learned AI through a 2 month apprenticeship so that I can breed my own herd. Since then I have been breeding my own shorthorn heifers. My operation now has grown to over 40 head and I spend almost all of my free time in maintenance and running it.I exhibit at many CJLA sanctioned Jackpot shows and my local county fair.
After High School I will attend college and get my bachelors degree in an Ag related field. Following college I plan to work for a cattle ranch to gain further experience in the field then create my own herd and also have a commercial farming outfit. CJLA has helped me set many goals in my life. I am looking forward to serving you as a board member for the heifer division. Thank you for this opportunity to serve you and I hope to see you at the many shows to come. 

Madison Woods - Lamb Division (2017-2018)
Gabby Vering - Goat Division (2017-2018)
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