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It is your responsibility to know the Rules.


Check out the 2018 Rules and the updates to the CJLA Format beginning in 2018!  We believe these changes will better serve our members as we move forward. We recommend that you print a copy of the Rules for your reference.

**CJLA will be adding a Wether Dam Ewe Division next year! 
We had great response to adding the Wether Dam Doe Division in 2017 and we have had many requests to add the Wether Dam Ewe Division. We were able to get more than the required 8 Shows to confirm that they will add it to their event, so here it is! More information and rules are included in the 2018 Rule Book, posted on the website, and eblasted out to everyone. Please note that if you want to join the Wether Dam Doe Division and/or the Wether Dam Ewe Division, you must pay the additional fee for those divisions as they are separate from the Mkt Goat or Mkt Lamb Divisions. Questions? Contact us!

**CJLA Heifer Division Update for 2018!  
THE HEIFER DIVISIONS WILL BE AS FOLLOWS: Angus; Hereford; Shorthorn; Maine Anjou/Maintainer; Charolais; Chi/Chi-x; and All Other Breeds. The Chi Division is for all High Chi,Chi-X, ChiMaine and any heifer registered with the National Chianina Association that lists Chianina in the breed percentages on the registration paper. The AOB Division is for all other registered PUREBRED Heifers and all other registered PERCENTAGE Heifers THAT DO NOT QUALIFY FOR ANY OTHER CJLA BREED DIVISION BASED ON THEIR REGISTRATION PAPER FROM ANY BREED ASSOCIATION! Heifers may not be shown in more than one division at any CJLA Show. ALL SHOWS MUST OFFER THE CJLA HEIFER DIVISIONS REGARDLESS OF NUMBER OF ENTRIES! Shows will be checking registration papers. If you have questions about what division your heifers qualify for, CALL US!



CJLA will be offering the following Divisions in 2018: 
Steer Division, Heifer Division, Lamb Division, Hog Division, Mkt Goat Division, Wether Dam Doe Division​, Wether Dam Ewe Division

    2018 Membership Fees
        1 Division:  $  50.00
        2 Divisions: $ 80.00
        3 Divisions: $110.00
        4 Divisions: $140.00
        5 Divisions: $170.00
        6 Divisions: $200.00
        7 Divisions: $230.00
Started in 2000, the California Junior Livestock Association is a non-profit organization that recognizes the efforts of junior livestock exhibitors and rewards them for their accomplishments.  Open junior livestock shows, or jackpots, are held annually from January to December throughout California, and many junior exhibitors attend these shows to gain experience and compete with the animals they are raising.  The formation of the CJLA was a logical step forward in the effort to support both these shows and the junior exhibitors.

The purpose of this association is both educational and charitable.  It strives to improve and develop the capabilities of youths both individually and through group participation, in the breeding, raising, and exhibition of  cattle, sheep, swine, and goats, as well as the developing and improving of scholarship, leadership, and community interest in these areas.  Promoting cooperation among different breeds and encouraging and assisting members in developing an interest in the different species industries among the youth of the state of California are also objectives of the California Junior Livestock Association.

The activities of the CJLA shall be to collect, record and preserve the records of show cattle, show lamb, show hog, and show goat competitions from one year to the next, to publish summary of the results in the Pacific Showcase magazine and on the CJLA website, to stimulate competition among CJLA members, and to award the top individual exhibitors of the show cattle, show lamb, show hog, and show goat contests throughout the course of the fiscal year based on the total number of points accumulated within a given division.

The CJLA believes every member of the association is important no matter how many shows they attend, how many animals they show, or how well they place in competition.  Every participating member receives recognition at the annual Award Banquet with the top individuals receiving additional awards.

The CJLA is helping to unite the entire junior livestock industry in California and members enjoy the rewards of their membership through competition, education, friendships, and recognition of their efforts and accomplishments.  Members are the bright stars of the future as they learn responsibility and skills that will benefit them in their future endeavors.  The California Junior Livestock Association is pleased to contribute to positive experiences in these young peoples lives.

2018 CJLA Rules